Yoga Mate Promotion & Closing Down :(

Thanks to all of our customers that have been with us over the years!

Due to the pandemic, we unfortunately are closing down our business and have only a limited amount of towels left in our inventory.

Our main promotion no longer is running, but we have a coupon code left for anybody looking to get a few more towels before we sell out by end of 2022 or early 2023 depending on how sales continue.

You can enter the code: PMCOAE4K for 40% OFF your Yoga Mate towels

Simply visit our product page and add a towel to your cart, enter the code above at checkout and hit Apply.

We wish you the best, and are very upset our brand and presence was messed up by supply chain issues, and the essential items only being shown for more than a year which hurt us badly and we were not coming up in search results.

Hopefully we can get back to business in the future, or come out with new products, but thank you again for being a Yoga Mate Customer!

Love & Namaste -

Jen & Brian