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Warehouse tour q & A With our CEO

"I can't believe the amount of work it takes to sell a computer monitor...we're so grateful to have found the Ecom Authority team. This has been a great learning experience, but also a profitable one and excited to finally recommend to our friends" - Jeff & Liz (Partner Store Owner), Memphis, TN

warehouse #1 & HQ: Miami, FL

Warehouse Walkthrough & Interview
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“...we're going direct to the brands and say hey I have purchasing power of a few million dollars a month; give me the best price and it's really economies at scale…A lot of other operators do not have the ability to get direct brand approval and be able to sell this Prime"

Question: "So what happens if I'm working with you guys, we buy some product and if it doesn't sell? Am I stuck with that?"

Ecom Authority
: "Our biggest thing is we want to mitigate some risk for our clients because it's truly a partnership… we go into business together. I want you to win so that I can win. We have all the know-how in the experience, so it would be unfair to you to say Hey, you have to risk your inventory money. What we've done to mitigate some risk is our 90 day inventory buyback program, which means if you buy 10,000 units of these Pampers and they don't sell for whatever reason we're gonna buy it back at your cost because again, that's our responsibility to find the best products at the best pricing so that you don't have to worry about product selection.

We haven't had to do that (buy back inventory) yet because again, I have a team of 10 guys that are flying around the country getting brand approvals getting the best pricing possible and their jobs are on the line. So they're gonna make sure you're selling products that are at a high margin and making money.