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See below as we continue to add testimonials and interviews from our store partners every quarter and so we can get updates on their sales, profits, and experience with the team and inventory quality here at Ecom Authority!

Interviews with our store partners:

"I can finally do something that...will make my kids proud" - Samantha
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"I do NOT want to be that parent that misses stuff" - Reid
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"It's going to be huge not just for me, but for my family too" - Brian
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"I do NOT want to give my life to a workplace again" - Kathleen
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Reviews & Testimonials

"I switched to the new FBA model offered by Dan and his team in November of 2022. I've started to place larger and larger inventory orders that are quickly selling through, and have built a very powerful and well reviewed experience (with Ecom Authority) has been exactly how it was offered to me"

Jesse C.

Partner Store Owner

"I opened my store in September. First month I had $0 in sales. Second month I also did $0 in sales. November, month 3, I did $7,254 profit at 46% ROI.

Ben G.
Partner Store Owner

My store was aged so my results came quickly.

Safe to say i'm sticking with this Wholesale FBA Method by Ecom Authority and are continuing to buy fast selling inventory.

Brian P.
Partner Store Owner

“After speaking with David and the ecom authority team i took the plunge and got my store setup so i could achieve a real side income in 2023...Sales shot up recently after getting approved for a few new brands. I can't wait to see how high we can profit on my store this year... I have high hopes and haven't been Disappointed."

Cheryl F.

Partner Store Owner
Minneapolis, MN

“We've been selling on amazon for almost 2 years now...both our own product we sourced and with wholesale products we get from Ecom Authority...and the results have been amazing....We've added about $40k in additional monthly revenue at close to 15% profit margin.”

Kate & Robert

Partner Store Owners
Toledo, OH

"I paid for my partner store just before the new year, and started to get sales within a month of getting started. Sales are coming in daily, and i just completed another purchase for more inventory...I'm glad i took the chance on this business after all my research"

Partner Store Owner
Jersey City, NJ

Hassan R.

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