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The Ecom Authority Wholesale FBA Method

Provides our 200+ Partner stores with profitable wholesale products that we send in to their FBA accounts for them!

Increasing Access To Household Brands!

With our collective buying power (think Costco), Ecom Authority is able to secure and provide name brand products for it's partners to sell.

Inventory Buyback Program

If your inventory doesn't sell within 90 Days of arriving in FBA account, we can buy it back or replace with different inventory to best turn over your working capital in revenue!

Your Business, Your Profits!

You decide how much inventory you want to order and send in to your store; the more your inventory sells through, the more your revenue and profits should compound!

Store Buyback Program

If your initial investment isn't made back within 36 months, you'll have the option to sell us your store back for the difference in what you paid and what you've earned to date!

You Profit First, Then We Do!

After your store setup is complete, we only see profit AFTER your store profits and you keep the majority of it depending on what tier store package you select.

"Done For You" Ecommerce, Done With You!

Get access to amazing wholesale products to sell

1. We build your store.
2. We source your inventory.
3. We ship your inventory.
4. You profit first, then we profit!

Get onboarded & store setup with your Ecom Authority Account Rep
Place an order for your 1st batch of inventory at steep discount
Your name brand inventory is sent to your FBA account by our fulfillment team
Watch the sales come in & collect your distributions from FBA account

Success Stories

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Industry Leading Inventory & Store BuyBack Program!

Your Success, Is Our Success. We Stand With Our Partners.

Since our business model works and our partner store clients are profiting, we extend an extra guarantee to insure our future partners have peace of mind when getting started with us, we do this in 2 ways:

1. Store Buyback - If your store doesn't earn your initial investment back within 36 months, we'll buy your store back for the difference in what you paid and what you've earned to date*

2. Inventory Buyback - If inventory you purchase for your partner store does not sell within 90 days of becoming eligible for sale on the FBA marketplace, we either refund the amount of money spent or exchange your inventory.

We will exchange the non-sold inventory for an equivalent dollar value amount of new inventory, minus shipping and administration fees, which are required to do the return or exchange.

Collective Buying power (Think Costco!)

We Can't Win Without You, And We Want Want You To Win With Us!

Our Wholesale FBA Method works because of our partners collective buying power; we couldn't source name brand products at wholesale and distributor pricing without the collective buying power.

With over 300+ partner stores actively purchasing inventory every month, our collective sourcing power unlocks access to more and more name brand access we share with our partners. With $5-15M+ in monthly purchasing power, we are able to forecast and purchase larger quantities of inventory at better price breaks.

Our "Costco-like" aggregate buying power allows us to purchase today's most in-demand products, at larger quantities; this reduces your inventory cost and helps increase profits for your store!

Success Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers.
On your free consultation call, one of our partner store managers will answer all of your questions, and provide more resources so you can decide if partnering with Ecom Authority is your best option.

How long does it take until my store is running?

It usually takes ~90 Days before your store is running and your first inventory purchase is sent into your FBA account at which point you'll begin to see sales.

It takes 3-6 months until your Store scales to it's full operating potential and maximizes your desired level of Inventory Purchasing Power.

Why does Ecom Authority not just make multiple stores themselves?

Amazon only allows 1 Seller per household. They track IP addresses to ensure this is upheld.

Capital reasons. We leverage client's capital to allow them to buy wholesale items from us at a discount and sell on Amazon; then we take a percentage of that and are able to scale the operations further and source better product deals for all of our partners.

How truly passive is this business? Is it completely done for me?

Based upon our experience, an average client spends 3-6 hours per month on this business.

At the end of the day, it is your store and it is your asset. Your main responsibility will be to purchase more inventory, and make sure you're collecting amazon payouts and paying off your inventory purchases.

Realistically, what can I expect to earn from my partner store?

Typical monthly returns for our partner stores range from 10-15% of COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) - or Inventory Purchases (once the store has been scaled and running at full capacity).

So the more inventory you purchase to send into your store, the more you can expect to earn from a revenue perspective and with the margins remaining the same, you'll also make more profit.

Ultimately, our partners who do the best, have more capital to deploy and are better organized in securing and managing their business's lines of credit and cash flow.

Do you have your own warehouses? Is this an American operation?

Yes and Yes. Most of our operation is done in house. We recently consolidated our operations into one 50,000+ square foot warehouse in Florida. We have a second office with backend support outside the US as well. We source inventory from brands, distributors, and wholesalers across the U.S. and disperse this inventory from our warehouses to our partner Store's FBA accounts.

Is the AMZ Market Over-Saturated?

No - for the marketplace to be saturated there would have to be more sellers than buyers on Amazon on a month-to-month basis.

4M seller accounts vs 200M Prime Subscribers.

$502.19B in revenue on Amazon in 2022.

3rd Party sellers make up 50% of Amazon’s total sales.

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