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The Ecom Authority Wholesale FBA Method

We provide hundreds of our clients with wholesale products sourced through established brand relationships.

Increased Access to Household Brands

Our collective buying power helps us secure and provide name brand products for our clients' stores.

Your Business, Your Choice

You choose how much product you want to order for your store. The more your product you sell, the more you generate.

Your Store's Success is Our Success

Once your store setup is complete, we only see profits from your store AFTER it profits.

Product Buyback or Replacement Program

We offer a 90-day buyback guarantee for unsold product that has been active in a client's store for over 90 days*

Store Buyback Program

If your Initial Payment isn't made back within three years, you'll have the option to sell your store back to us for the difference in what you paid and what you've earned to date.**

"Done For You" Ecommerce, Done With You!

Get access to amazing wholesale products to sell.

1. We build your store.
2. We source your product.
3. We ship your product.
4. You only see profits from your store AFTER it profits!

Get onboarded and let one of our account representatives set up your store.
Place a product order for your store.
Your name brand product is sent to your FBA account by our fulfillment team.
Watch your sales come in and collect distributions from your FBA account!

Success Stories

Dive deep into genuine journeys of entrepreneurs just like you!

Why Choose Us over the Competiton?

1. U.S.-Based Operations - With more than a hundred employees and a 50,000 square foot warehouse in Miami, Florida, we have direct control over the picking, packing, and shipping processes associated with our operations. We invite our clients to tour our warehouse operations every quarter.

2. Disclosure Documents - In compliance with U.S. federal law, we provide prospective clients with disclosure documents that outline our legal history, refund policy, references to existing Ecom Authority clients, and more so they can make an informed decision before entering into an Agreement.

3. Product Buyback or Replacement Program - If the product purchased for your store does not sell within 90 days of becoming eligible for sale on the FBA marketplace, we offer a 90-day buyback guarantee for unsold product.*

4. Store Buyback Program - If your store doesn’t earn your Initial Payment back within three years, we’ll buy your store back for the difference in what you paid and what you’ve earned to date**

5. Member of Amazon’s SPN Network - As a certified and trusted member of Amazon’s SPN Network, we have the unique ability to manage our clients’ accounts directly through Amazon.

We Win When you Win!

Our wholesale FBA method works because we leverage the collective buying power provided by our clients to source name brand products at wholesale and distributor pricing.

With hundreds of client stores actively purchasing product every month, our collective sourcing power unlocks access to more and more name brand access that we share with our clients. With monthly purchasing power in the millions, we’re able to forecast and purchase larger quantities of product at better price breaks.

Our aggregate buying power allows us to purchase today’s most in-demand products in larger quantities, helping us reduce our clients’ product costs and increase their potential profit margins.

Success Stories

Explore more genuine journeys of entrepreneurs who are already up and running!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers.
On your free consultation call, one of our client store managers will answer your questions and provide you with additional resources so you can decide if partnering with Ecom Authority is the right decision for you.

How long does it take until my store is running?

It generally takes 90 days before your store is up and running with product to sell (“Configuration Period”). It then takes approximately another four to six months until your store scales to its full operating potential and maximizes your desired level of product purchasing power. (“Ramp-Up Period”). The Configuration Period and Ramp-Up Period may take as long as one year.

Why Doesn’t Ecom Authority Just Make Multiple Stores Themselves?

Amazon only allows one seller per household and tracks IP addresses to enforce this rule. By teaming up with our clients, we leverage their collective purchasing power to buy wholesale products at a discounted rate, all while operating within Amazon’s Terms and Conditions. We then take a percentage of our clients’ profits to scale our operations and source additional future product deals.

How Truly Passive Is This Business? Is it Completely Done for Me?

Based on our experience, an average client spends approximately three to six hours per month on this business.

Ultimately, the store you choose to open with us is your asset. Your main responsibility will be to purchase more product, collect Amazon distributions, and pay off your product purchases.

How Can I Review the Performance of Your Other Clients’ Stores?

We provide each of our prospective clients with disclosure documents that contain contact information for actual clients as well as an Earnings Claim Statement Required By Law that contains the average profit of Ecom Authority’s active clients within a recent time period.

Are Your Operations Really Based in the U.S.?

Yes, we have more than a hundred employees and a 50,000 square foot warehouse in Miami, Florida. We invite our clients to tour our warehouse operations once every quarter so they can personally see the logistics of our operation.

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